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How to use the CSV template
How to use the CSV template
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In order to bulk import links using the "CSV Import" on Switchy, you need to fill and upload our .CSV template file.

Please note that that you can import a maximum of 500 links at a time. If you need to import more links all at once, create multiple files, or use our API πŸ˜‰

​1) Download the .CSV template

There are 2 columns:

  • link: the column where you will add the links you want to shorten

  • slug: the column where you will add the slug you want to give to the attached link

πŸ’‘ Important: Don't delete or modify the first line of the .CSV template file (link,slug)

2) Fill the .CSV template

Your .CSV file should look like this:


Or should look like this in a spreadsheet like Excel, Numbers, or GoogleSheet for example:

πŸ’‘ Important:

  • If the combination of the domain and the slug already exist, your links will not be imported

  • be sure that the separator is a coma (,), not a semi-colon

  • If you let a slug line empty, a slug will be automatically assigned

  • Your destination links must include the protocol, e.g. "http://", "https://", "mailto:", etc.

  • Metadata (title, description, image) will be automatically fetched for all links imported, you will be able to edit them later on your links edition

  • If your file it's not a .CSV, your links will not be imported

  • You will be able to customize all the parameters (tags, domains, etc) on the Step 2 of the bulk import, not in the .CSV file

3) Save the .CSV file when it's filled

4) Drag & Drop your .CSV file, OR click on "Select from your computer" and select your .CSV file (500 Ko max)

5) You are ready to bulk import your links! Well done Switcher! πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

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