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Switchy enables the creation of vCard links: anyone will that clicks on a VCF link will automatically download the pre-filled contact information (name, phone number, email, website, address, etc.).

You can for instance generate a QR code with this link and print it on a visit card to distribute to your customers, prospects, and partners. Anyone who will flash this QR code will get the option to add you to its contact directory.

1. On the dashboard, click on "Create a new link"

2. Click on the triangle next to "Link". It will open a dropdown list where you can choose the "vCard" link option

3. Add your contact information in the dedicated fields (name, company, phone number, address, website, etc.)

4. When you have selected the vCard link that you like and filled in the required fields, you can custom your links as usual (add retargeting pixels, add UTM tags, custom the link preview...)

5. When you are done, click on "Get my new link"

6. Your link has been created. Well done Switcher πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

From the dashboard, you can download a QR code for your vCard link and then print it on a physical visit card! ✨

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