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How to add an embed widget
How to add an embed widget
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Switchy offers you add custom widgets & embed scripts to your shared links to integrate any third-party service or tool.

For example, you can add on your links any chat widget (Intercom, Crisp, Drift, etc.), quizzes (SurveyMonkey, Outgrow, Typeform etc), mail form (Sendinblue, Mailchimp, etc.), embed videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Twitch etc.), etc. The possibilities are unlimited πŸ’«

1. In Settings, open the Embed Widgets tab and click on "Add" button.

2. On the appearing popup, add a title and just paste your embed widgets code in the "Custom Javascript" field or the "Custom HTML" one. Then click on create.

πŸ’‘ Tips: for embedded content like Youtube, Typeform, paste your code in the "Custom HTML" field, if it's a Javascript code like Intercom code, paste your code in the "Custom Javascript"

If you use a "Custom HTML" widget, you can custom some settings, as the position rules or appearing rules:

Display after: when your script will be activated on the page. You can choose:

  • On landing: when your link will be loaded

  • Delay: after a delay of X seconds

  • Exit: on an "exit-intent", when the users will move their cursor into another tab

3. You can see a preview your embed widget to be sure it's working by clicking on the eye icon once it's saved

4. To add your embedded widget to a link, create a new link and turn on the option to add "Embed Widget" in Advanced options.

If you can't turn on the option, be sure that you have selected your own domain to be able to use the feature (learn more) and that your link allows embedding widget or script (learn more).

5. Select the embed widgets or scripts that you want to add to yourslink. You can preview it with the eye icon.

6. Create your link and share it. Well done Switcher, you have added an embed widget to your link! πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

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