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Edit existing links in bulk

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You can edit your links in bulk with Switchy, and apply new parameters (folder, UTM tags, pixels, etc.) to a selection of existing links.

1) Select the links you want to edit

Click on the box next to the links you want to edit

2) Click on the "Edit" button

3) Select and fill the field(s) you want to edit

In the edit tab, click on the switch next to the parameter(s) you want to edit. And fill the selected field(s) with the modification(s) you want to apply

πŸ’‘ Important: All activated setting(s) will delete & replace the previous parameters of your link(s)
​e.g. If you activate the Pixel ID setting and you let it empty, all you links selected will have their Pixels removed

4) Click on the "Edit my Links" button

5) Your links have been edited, well done Switcher! πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

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