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❓ What is deep linking?

Deep linking is a technology that launches an app and sends users on mobile devices directly to a specific page inside this app when they click on a URL.

In a nutshell, a deep link will detect the device used by the one who clicks and will redirect him to the most relevant version of a page depending on the device he is using and whether the app is downloaded or not.

Let say that you share a YouTube video link with your audience on social media πŸ“Ί

If your users are clicking on this link from a mobile device, in most cases, it will open your video in a browser (, especially when the traffic comes from an app like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Users will not be logged on to their account, the User Experience won't be the most optimized, and it will end up by a negative impact in terms of engagement: users won't watch the video until the end, won't follow your Youtube channel, etc. πŸ˜₯

πŸ‘‰With deep-linking, the same mobile users will end on the in-app version of your video if they have it on their mobile. The result is a much more engaging experience for your audience. It's the same with Amazon, Etsy, and tons of app we are integrating with Switchy (+150).

πŸ‘€ Why you should care about it?

The use of deep linking increases the chances to engage and convert your mobile users by +44% on average. πŸš€

Indeed, it provides a better user experience, redirecting to an in-app version of a page, where the navigation is easier, and where the user will be already logged-in and have all his information registered.

Such an experience is more engaging because it has fewer frictions as it requires fewer actions from the user.

πŸ”¨ How to create deep links?

πŸ’‘ To check all the Deep links supported, you can go into the Integration tab! We are supporting more than 150 Deep links apps! πŸŽ‰

These are the different steps you have to take to create a deep-link with Switchy.

1. Click on "Create a new link" on Switchy. Copy and paste the link you want to shorten in Switchy that support Deep linking (like an product page).

2. Go to the "Advanced settings" tab and go in the "Deep-linking" section.

Then two specific cases possible when you click on the toggle:

  • The toggle is turning on a click on the toggle, which means that your link is eligible for deep-linking, you can deactivate the deep-linking option if you want or keep it activated and continue your link customization as usual!

  • The toggle stay on off after a click on the toggle, which means that your link is not eligible for deep-linking. It can be because Switchy doesn't offer the app corresponding to your link or because the page you want to set the redirection to doesn't exist in the app.

3. Custom your link, add retargeting Pixels, Custom domain or Slug and click on the blue "Get my link" button to shorten your link.

4. You can now share your new link on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin! Well done Switcher! πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

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