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Webhook Form with Zapier
Webhook Form with Zapier
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You can use Zapier webhook to trigger actions when someone submit an answer to a form in one of your Smartpages.

For example, when someone fill a contact form on your Smartpage, you can set up an automatic creation of a new row on a Google Sheet or on Airtable to store all the answers.

1. In the workflow editor, go to the "Trigger" section and Type "Webhook" in the search bar, then select the "Webhook by Zapier" trigger.

2. In the "Trigger Event" dropdown list, select "Catch Hook" and click on "Continue".

3. Copy the Zapier Webhook URL.

4. In the Smartpage designer of Switchy, paste the Webhook URL in the dedicated field (see more details about Webhook on this article).

5. To validate the connection, you'll need to submit an answer on your form Block.

6. Test the trigger by clicking on the "Test trigger" button.

Well done Switcher! πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ You have successfully created a Switchy trigger on Zapier.

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