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Switchy offers you the ability to create dynamic & branded QR codes for all your links & Smartpages.

These dynamic QR codes (destination can be edited anytime) can be printed on physical support like flyers or banners and scanned by mobile devices to redirect to content online.

For example, as a restaurant owner, you can use a dynamic QR code leading your clients to your food & drinks menu. As an e-commerce seller on some marketplaces, you can also print QR codes flyers leading to a smartpage offering to your customers to get rewards coupons or subscribe to a product warranty after filling out a form, to collect customers' information and offer them exclusive discounts. You can as well print a wifi QR code and display it in your building to let visitors access your connection within a flash (no credentials required). Possible use-cases are endless πŸ’Ž

To create & edit your dynamic QR codes, please follow the different steps here:

1. In your Switchy dashboard, click on the "Download QR code" icon in the "Actions" column.

2. Inside of the QR code builder there will be 3 sections: Designer (with sub-sections Shape and Logo), Templates and Pre-defined.

I. Preview & Download buttons

1. In the right part of the builder, you'll find a preview of your QR code, showing all the customization you'll bring.

2. You can undo/redo any modification by clicking on the dedicated arrows above the preview.

3. You can save your design as a template by click on the "Save" button. You can find all our templates in the dedicated section that we'll present later.

4. You can download your QR code, either in SVG or PNG by clicking on the "Download" buttons.

🚨 Always scan your QR code with your phone before printing it to check its readability.

II. Designer

A. Shape

1. You can customize the "Shape style" of your QR code in the dedicated section.

2. You can as well customize the "Corner style" or your QR code.

3. You can edit the "Shape color" using the color picker.

It's also possible to add a gradient to your "Shape color".

4. To use a different color for the "Corner" you can toggle on the "Corner color" option and chose a color, and eventually add a gradient.

5. The background color of your QR code will be transparent, but you chose another color by toggling on the "Background color" option, and chose a color.

B. Logo

1. You can chose to add an icon in the center of your QR code, to do so, click on the "Add an icon" toggle.

  • Select an icon in our library.

  • Edit it's color, size and margin if needed.

2. If you want to use your own icon/picture, you can upload it thanks to the "Upload a picture" option.

  • Click on the dedicated section to access the picture uploader.

  • Edit it's size and margin if needed.

III. Templates

1. Find all your saved templates in this section, click on the selected template to access it.

2. To delete a template, click on the arrow when hovering it.

IV. Pre-defined

1. Find pre-made templates we prepared for you in this section, click on the selected template to access it.

Well done Switcher! πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ You have successfully created your personalized QR code! πŸŽ‰

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