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Use the Chrome extension
Use the Chrome extension
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You can use the Switchy Chrome extension to generate smart links directly from the destination page.

1. Click on the Switchy extension in the "Google Toolbar" to open it

2. Create a Switchy account or log in to your Switchy account (needed only the first time or if your cache expire)

3. You have access to all Switchy's features to customize your link:

🌠 Custom links preview

πŸ’» Branded domain & name

🎯 Retargeting Pixels

🎫 Add UTMs tags

πŸ“‚ Manage in Folder

πŸ“ Add Notes

✨ Add Embed Widget

πŸ“± +150 Deep linking

πŸ“Œ Save Tags

🎲 Rotator - A/B Testing

🌍 Geolocation

πŸ”’ GDPR popup

πŸ’‘ Display Favicon

🧰 And many other features...

4. When you have you have finished editing your link, click on "Get my link"

5. Well done Switcher! Your link is ready, you can copy it and share it πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

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