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Privacy popup - GDPR | CCPA compliance
Privacy popup - GDPR | CCPA compliance
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In order to be 100% compliant with the GDPR regulation (European users) & CCPA regulation (Californian users), you can add a privacy popup on your pixelised links to let your users consent or decline the cookies capture.

If a user click on the "Continue" button, you capture it into your Pixel's audience.
If a user click on "Decline", your pixels don't get any datas.

How to set the Privacy popup?

1. In the "Settings" part, go at the end of the "Account" section to find the Privacy popup settings.

2. Add your Company name, a link to your Privacy policy ("Click here for more information" redirection), switch the "on/off" button to "On".

3. Save the Privacy popup update. Well done Switchy, your are fully GDPR & CCPA compliant! πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

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